Invitation 2. Swiss-Cup in Versoix

Hello dear friends,

We invite you to come and participate in the 2. Swiss-Cup in Versoix.
This regatta will be held from 26 April 2014.

Please find the attachments registration file and displays this regatta.
I advise you to book early your weekend.
Inscription Versoix 2014                      Versoix-walk  (c) 2011 Daniel Rychcik

Best Regards,
SUI 40

2014 European Championship – Allocation of places.

Taken from IOM Class Championship Regulations 2013
The maximum number of boats shall be 76.
The initial closing date shall be June 27th 2014. In order to be included in allocation of places, non continental NCA shall declare their will to send entries six months before the start of the event. (So  March 27th, and AUS and USA have declared interest before)
The allocation of places shall take place within 14 days of the initial closing date.
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2015 World Championship Regatta Awarded to USA.

The IOM ICA Executive and the Events Sub-Committee are pleased to announce that the NCA for the USA has been granted the right to host the 2015 World Championship Regatta. The event will be held May 8 – 16, 2015 in Foster City, California, on Central Lake adjacent to the Community Center.

The IOM ICA acknowledges that two very strong proposals were received for this event from the USA and from ESP. We are confident that either proposal would have resulted in a strong entry, first class venues and well run events. In view of the last few World  Championships being held in and about Europe, the ICA decided that having the event return to North America was a deciding factor in making this selection.
Congratulations to the AMYA, the USA NCA and all their members who have been involved in submitting the successful bid for this event. We look forward to continuing a strong working relationship in the coming year as the dates draw closer.
We thank the NCA for ESP for the tremendous effort they expended to prepare their proposal and hope that they continue to be interested in hosting a future event.

Calendar 2014

January 2014

24.01. – 26.01.2014     IOM Regatta (CRO)     Rogoznica

March 2014

22.03.2014    1. SC Regatta (RC Sailing Team Untersee) Steckborn

April 2014

19.04. – 21.04.2014     Tricastin Cup (IOM)     Pierrelatte (France)
26.04.2014     2. SC Regatta (MYC Genève)     Port Choiseul        Versoix

Mai 2014

17.05. – 18.05.2018    Schweizermeisterschaft OneMeter (MSC Basel)     Verkehrshaus Luzern
31.05.2014     Gusti’s Segelplausch     Schwarzsee        All boats

August 2014

23.08. –      IOM RaceDays (RC Sailing)     Lenzerheide
24.08.2014     3. SC Regatta (RC Sailing)     Lenzerheide

September 2014

29.09. – 03.10. 2014 European Championship    Lake Garda Campione

Oktober 2014

04.10.2014     4. SC Regatta (MSC Basel)     Regattaverein Brunnen
18.10.2014     5. SC Regatta (GR Lugano)     Melano
19.10.2014     Plausch Regatta (GR Lugano)     Melano

December 2014

07.12.2014     Escalade (MYC Genève)     Port Choiseul        Versoix All boats

IOMSUI Ranking 2013

1.    Signorelli Marco         SUI 80         5000    5 (*)
2.    Fumagalli Dominik     SUI 147       2467    4
3.    Aurino Claudio           SUI 196       2293    4
4.    Aurino Vasco             SUI 119        2490    3
5.    Guex Pierre               SUI 114        1786    3
6.    Blatter Thomas          SUI 60         1371    1
7.    Frei Rolf                     SUI 73         1247    4
8.    Baumgartner Hans     SUI 40        1135     4
9.    Albiez Gustav             SUI 55        1578     1
10.    Glauser Roger          SUI 11        1308     2
11.    Pinsini Marius           SUI 67          800    RL
12.    Ambrosi Enrico         SUI 62          500     1
13.    Urs Poppe                SUI 26          286     1

(*) number of regattas

Request for Interpretation of Class Rules concerning location of wind indicators and telltales.

Request for interpretation of IOM Class Rules from USA NCA regarding clarification on the location of wind indicators and telltales:

Question 1:
Under F.3 Mast a wind indicator and/or its fitting is optional under Fittings. No location restriction is given. Can a wind indicator be located anywhere on the mast, shrouds, backstay, or backstay crane?

Question 2:
Under G.3.1 Construction tell tales are optional. No location restriction is given. Can a tell tale be located anywhere on the mainsail, including trailing aft of the leech?

2013 AGM Results

New Executive Committee 2014-2015 Elected by acclamation:
Chairman: Fred Rocha (USA).
Secretary: Barry Fox (CAN).
Treasurer: David Turton (AUS).
VC Technical: Robert Grubisa (CRO).
VC Events: Olivier Cohen (FRA).
VC Measurement: Lawrie Neish (CAN).
VC InfoComms: Pedro Egea (ESP)

Proposal: Change to CCR 8.6.1(ii): Passed  . For: 82. Againts: 23

Download pdf detail file: 2013_IOMICA_AGM_Voting_Results